Johanna Raupe Underwater Photography

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2019 October ~ Contributing Photographer
 Eyes Under Puget Sound: Criter of the Month - The Creeping Pedal Sea Cucumber, October 2019
   Washington Department of Ecology

2011 July ~ Newsletter Article   "Taking Care of 'ALL' Your Dive Gear"
The Emerald Sea Dive Club Newsletter, July 2011   ESDC Newsletter

2011 January ~ Photography Cover Art
The Buoy Tender Marker Buoy Dive Club, January 2011   Marker Buoy Dive Club Newsletter

2010 April ~ Photography Possession Point Fingers Contributor
The Buoy Tender, April 2010   Marker Buoy Dive Club Newsletter

2009 Contributing Photographer
  Critters, Creatures, and Kelp "A Guide to Life in the Edmonds Underwater Park"   Author Dan Clements

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